about me

“And why do you photograph tin cans?”
I never knew how to answer my mother when, back from the first holidays by myself, I showed her the pictures I took.
It was 1990 and I had been on this planet for 19 years.
It’s a bit like when you fall in love: most of the things you do are silly, like taking pictures to tin cans.
And this thing about photography, I think it’s about love, a love born after years of glancing at each other, hanging out, no real commitments.
Things left unsaid.
Then suddenly something changes and we are always spending time together, hour after hours, and finally I understood the reason for taking pictures to tin cans.
The change was Rugby, around 2012, when I was asked to record with images the stories of kids and parents around the field.
We are now spending every moment together. I try to tell the stories of kids playing rugby, and after tin cans I have added beaches and urban scenes.
Lately, I have started a project about back stages in fashion.